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Drone crashed into side of car and laying on ground
Drone crashed and stuck in tree

​Found a Drone?

​If you find a drone, hopefully there is identification on it.  At a minimum the law requires there to be a ​valid FAA number displayed on the drone.  FAA numbers are issued when a drone owner registers with the FAA, which is also required by law if the drone is over 0.55 lbs.

If ​the FAA number is not easily apparent on the exterior of the drone, you might try removing the battery and looking for the number on either the battery or inside the battery compartment.

The FAA number should start with "FA" and have eight alpha numeric characters that follow.  If there is a FAA number present, you can search our registry for the owner.

Sample FAA Number


Man flying drone in field

​Own a Drone? Register it in our Drone Registry.

​A drone is ​a substantial investment, especially when you add in the cost of ​the batteries and accessories required​. ​If your drone becomes lost, which happens more than people think, it can be a big financial hit.

​​To assist drone owners in ​getting their lost drones back, we setup a Drone Registry on our website which allows any drone owner to register ​their drone(s) so that the person finding their drone can connect with the owner and get the drone back to them.  It's 100% FREE to register as many drones as an individual or company might have.

​There are hundreds and hundreds of drones registered with the number growing daily. ​

FAA Drone Registration with drone with labels

​​Are you FAA compliant? ​

​If you own and pilot a drone which weighs over 0.55 lbs., you are required to do the following​:

  • check
    Register with FAA  [click here]
  • check
    ​Carry proof of FAA registration when flying
  • check
    Label your drone(s) with your FAA number
DJI Mavic Pro with FAA labels and FAA ID Card

​​Don't Risk ​It!

​​Label Your Drone and Put ​Your FAA Registration in Your Wallet and Relax

​​Don't be caught without your drone being labeled with your FAA number or flying your drone without proof of drone registration.  It can be very costly.

Civil penalties ​are as high as $27,500.
Criminal penalties ​can be as high as $250,000 and/or up to three years in prison.​

​Even without the real threat of FAA fines and penalties, an unlabeled drone is not likely to be returned if lost.  A survey by the Wall Street Journal found that 1 in 3 drone owners reported at least one flyaway.  And that's just one of ​a lengthy list of ​ways a drone owner can lose their drones.

Don't risk it!  Put a label on your drone and greatly increase ​the odds of getting your precious drone returned.  Get a hard-copy of your FAA Registration and slip it into your wallet and rest easy.  It's too cheap and easy not to.