Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of has a three fold mission.

First,  to assist drone owners get their lost drones returned.

Second, we have high quality, simple and inexpensive drone identification solutions that can  greatly increase the odds of getting a lost drone returned.

Third, we help aircraft and drone owners comply with the FAA (USA) mandated rules and laws by supplying high-quality labeling and replica “hard-copy” FAA UAS Registration Certificates ID cards.

How does help find lost aircraft?

We provide easy, immediate and private contact of owners by those who find lost aircraft. Here’s how it works:

  1. Any drone owner can register their drones on our website for FREE.
  2. Labels must then be applied to the aircraft to display, at a minimum, their FAA # and the website
  3. Yes, we do sell the needed customized labels.  Very high quality and very inexpensive.  See examples below, click on them to see more details.labels_3_types_640px
  4. When a drone or aircraft is lost, the finder should be able to see the labels.  If a phone number is provided, they can call the owner.  If no phone number is provided on the aircraft, the finder should see the label and upon visiting the website can simply enter the FAA # found on the aircraft.  The finder of the aircraft will only be shown the information the aircraft owner wants them to see.  Options include first name, first and last name, phone number, email address and a message from the aircraft owner.  We also have a built-in messaging system that enables the finder to send a message to the owner without the owner knowing the owner’s phone or email address.

Registering my aircraft is FREE, but do I need a credit card?

No.  Free to us means FREE!  No credit card on file is required.   We support our site from providing high quality, inexpensive drone identification products.

We also do not sell or share your information.

Do I need to buy my labels from to register FREE?

Nope.  We hope you will support us if you need labels or want a hard-copy of your and of your registrations or certificates.  The documents that we provide replicates for currently are:

  • FAA (USA) Small UAS Certificate of Registration (Hobbyist and Commercial IDs)

What information can the public see once I register?

First off, the public can not see any of your information without knowing your unique FAA #. Your 10 digit FAA # is so unique that it would be highly unlikely that a person could guess it.

With that said,  at the time of registering your aircraft or drone, you have complete control over how much information is provided to someone who might find your lost aircraft. Some owners will allow the finder to see no personal and contact information.  While others will allow their full name, email, phone and even home address to be displayed.  Some will even include the amount of the reward they are offering for the lost aircraft’s return.

Bottom line, it’s your choice what to provide the finder of your lost aircraft.

At a minimum, someone finding your lost aircraft, assuming it has labels displaying the FAA # and, can visit our website and immediately contact you without ever seeing your name, email, or phone number.  Our built-in messaging system will allow the finder to enter just the FAA # to find the aircraft in our system, and then if found, they can immediately type in a message which is immediately emailed to you, the registered owner without exposing our email address.

Why would I not want just a phone number label on my aircraft?

Having your phone number on a label affixed to your aircraft is great for most applications. But keep in mind that when it comes to getting back your aircraft, having more than one option for connecting with you can be the difference between getting your aircraft back and not.  Phone numbers can change and people forget to change their label(s).

We recommend both a phone number and a label with our website. On our website, you can provide also provide a phone number and email address that you can change when needed.  The FAA also requires by law that you have your FAA # on your aircraft.

Should I offer a REWARD?

In order to get your lost aircraft back, you must have the person who finds your aircraft contact you. Rewards are a powerful motivator in getting the person who found your lost aircraft to contact you. Once you are contacted, you can then determine what amount of reward is warranted.