FAA Drone Compliance

FAA logo behind Mavic Air drone labeled with FAA number

Drone labeled with FAA UAS Certificate of Registration number

FAA UAS Certificate of Registration ID Card shown with wallet

​FAA UAS Certificate of Registration in credit card sized hard copy
Available at here at Reclaimdrone.com

​Comply with all FAA requirements, it's the LAW

If you own and pilot a drone weighing over 0.55 pounds you are required by law to:

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    Register with FAA as a drone pilot
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    ​Label your drone(s) with your FAA #
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    Carry proof of registration when ​flying

​Registration for hobbyist pilots, those that will not be making money with their drones, is quick and cost only $5.00.  The FAA also only requires minimal information.

Commercial drone pilots, those that make money with their drones, will pay more as they must register each qualifying drone ​at $5 a pop and may be required to take a course for an additional cost.

​Get all your questions answered directly from the FAA website by clicking on the button below, and while you're there get yourself registered.  If you're a hobbyist pilot it ​only takes about 5 minutes.

drone batteries with if found labels on them showing phone number and reward

​Labeled drone and batteries

Protect yourself and your valuable drone with labels

Once you register with the FAA you have taken the first step in protecting yourself from costing fines and loss.

​​From FAA website

"​You will be subject to civil and criminal penalties if you meet the criteria to register an unmanned aircraft and do not register."

Additionally, you have a large investment in your drone. Don't you think you should do all you can to protect that investment? 

Many professional drone pilots ​will tell you it's not if you lose a drone, but when.

Assuming there is a good chance you may lose your drone, doesn't it make sense to give yourself every chance of getting it back.

​Protect your drone by labeling it!

​The simplest way to protect your drone investment is to label your drone​ with identifying information.

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    BEST:  FAA # because it's the law
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    ​​GOOD:  A phone number.
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    ​​​GOOD:  ​Register with ReclaimDone.com

Man flying drone close by

​Enjoy your drone

​Once your FAA compliant and have yourself and your drone protected you can enjoy your time with your drone.

​Need help getting FAA ​compliant?

FAA logo

​Register with the FAA

​​​Avoid fines and penalties and register with the FAA.

FAA UAS Certificate of Registration ID Card

​​Carry your Registration

​​The FAA provides ​an email, we can provide a hard copy.

Single FAA UAE Certificate of Registration Number label for drone

​Label​ your ​Drone

​We can provide multiple labels in multiple sizes and colors.