Drone crashed into side of car and laying on ground
Drone crashed and stuck in tree

Found a Drone?
Now Find the Owner

If you find a drone, hopefully there is some identification affixed to it.

If no identification is readily apparent on the exterior of the drone, you might try removing the battery and looking for the number on either the sides of the battery or inside the battery compartment itself.

If you found the drone in the USA

At a minimum the USA law requires there to be a valid FAA issued number displayed on the exterior of the drone.  FAA registration numbers are issued when a drone owner registers their drone with the FAA, which is required by law if the drone is over 0.55 lbs.

The FAA number should start with "FA" and have eight alpha numeric characters that follow.  If there is a FAA number present, you can search our registry for the owner.

Sample FAA Number


If you found the drone in Canada

Prior to June 1, 2019 Canadian law requires that all drones have the drone owner's name, address and phone number affixed to the drone.  If you find a drone with this information attached to it, contact the owner using their phone number.

Starting June 1, 2019 Transport Canada (TC) requires drone owners to register their drones and receive a registration number that then must be dislayed on the drone.  The full owner's contact information no longer be will be required.  Some owner's may still at least put their phone number on the drone.  If the phone number is present on the drone you found, use it to contact the owner.

TC's registration numbers start with a "C-" followed by a 10 digit number.  If there is a TC registration number present, you can search our lost drone registry for the owner.

Sample TC Registration Number