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  • Display FAA Certificate in plastic holder with clip
  • Display FAA Certificate in plastic holder with clip

FAA Drone Registration Basic Display Package


Additional ID Packages (Qty 2+) only: $2.27 each
Display package makes it easy to display and maintain the appearance of your FAA ID Card.

— Durable & waterproof clear plastic holder
— Clip for displaying ID card

Use our FAA Drone Registration Display Package to:

  • Protect your FAA UAS Registration Certificate
  • Provide that professional drone pilot look
  • Make it easy to display your FAA credentials
  • Clip your FAA credentials on your clothing or drone case while piloting your drone

The FAA requires that you register with the FAA if you own or fly a drone weighing over 0.55 lbs and less than 55.0 lbs. The FAA also require you to provide evidence of your registration at anytime when you are piloting your or another owners drone. Our display package makes this very easy. Your FAA UAS Registration, when placed inside our protective plastic display holder will be protected from the elements and routine handling.

What you get with each display package:

1 each – Clear plastic ID cardholder
1 each – ID Card holder clip for displaying ID card just about anywhere