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  • FAA UAS Certificate of Registration ID Card for commercial drone pilots
  • Shows email from FAA with FAA UAS Certificate of registration and hard copy version
  • FAA UAS Certificate of Registration hard copy for your wallet for commercial pilots

FAA UAS Certificate of Registration Card – For Commercial Pilots

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FAA UAS Certificate of Registration ID Card (Commercial Pilots)

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    Lamination of Card (Add-on)

    • Laminated and non-laminated FAA TRUST cards

      Laminate FAA / TRUST Card

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      Add a crystal clear lamination to your FAA or TRUST card for extra protection against scratches and just about anything else. Your card will be all but indestructible! NOTE: lamination will add 5/16" to Width/Length of card.

      SKU: 600003

Our customized, durable, credit card size ID card allows you to carry your FAA UAS certificate number in your wallet.  The law now requires you, or anyone else you allow to fly your drone or aircraft, to be able to show your FAA issued certificate number on the spot. All commercial pilots are required to register and obtain a unique FAA # for each of their drones or aircraft. This means that you should have an ID Card for each drone or aircraft.

  • Customized with your FAA UAS Certificate information
  • Your name
  • Issued & Expiration Dates
  • Has FAA rules on back side
  • Size of credit card
  • Made of durable 30 mil PVC

You must have already registered with the FAA and obtained your FAA # before ordering your ID Card.